Manipulador telescópico JCB 508C

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Manipulador telescópico JCB 508C

Latest technology and advanced design provides low fuel consumption, reduced noise, high torque and power output, total reliability and minimal maintenance. Two-stage, dry type air filter with primary and safety elements.

Quiet, safe and comfortable cab conforms to ROPS ISO 3471 and FOPS ISO 3449. Tinted glass all round with laminated roof glass. Roof bars, front, rear and roof glass with wash/wipe and heater/defroster. Opening rear window. Audio-visual warning system for coolant temperature, engine oil pressure, air cleaner, battery charge, transmission oil temperature and pressure. Hourmeter and road speed indicator. Engine temperature and fuel gauge. Joystick control lever. Adjustable steering column incorporates forward/reverse shuttle lever. Throttle and brake pedal. Adjustable suspension seat with adjacent mechanically actuated park brake. Includes leveling inclinometer. Safety canopy as above but with side glass and roof glass only (wiper and heater/defroster not applicable).

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