Cargadora frontal JCB 406 ZX

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Cargadora frontal JCB 406 ZX

This compact series of loaders from JCB are the high technology answer to all competitive machines of this type. Uncompromised performance, quiet, comfortable working environment, compact dimensions, non complicated design, and up to date styling combine to create a best in class product.

Z-Bar loader

Offers faster cycle times, excellent rollback, dump angles and powerful breakout for high productivity.

Return to dig and parallel lift is incorporated into the loader geometry as standard ensuring fast cycle times and safe accurate pallet handling.

Loader arms are constructed from flat plate resulting in higher strength and good visibility to side of attachment.

Incorporating minimal pivot pins for low maintenance.

Integral loader quickhitch resulting in no loss of breakout force, and maximise load carrying ability.

Hydrostatic transmission

High efficiency and variable speed control. (Rexroth - used by all major competitors)

Optimum power at all times whatever the terrain with minimal stress placed on the engine and transmission.

Two pre set speed ranges giving maximum tractive effort. Low speed 0-6 kph allows for precision control while high speed 0 - 20 kph can be used between sites. Optional 30 kph available.

Hydrostatic drive also provides dynamic braking as the accelerator is released.

Portal axles are fitted directly to the mainframe ensuring good stability and excellent ground clearance. Optional limited slips differentials are also available for arduous conditions.


The centre pivot is a substantial (130 mm diameter) steel forging providing both articulation and oscillation movement offering greater positive feedback to the operator as to the machine stability (when compared to floating rear axle).

Heavy-duty plain bearings carry the weight of the machine whilst articulation movement is restrained by the upper & lower tapered roller bearings.

Tested for 500000 cycles with no defect.


Front chassis carries the loader unit minimising any cables and pipework crossing the centre pivot.

Well designed engine and cab mounts contribute to achieving an exceptionally low 101/73 db in cab noise level.

The engine is mounted transversely enhancing the rearward view from the cab and also reduces the machines tailswing radius.

Cab & Controls

ROPS & FOPS cab offering maximum comfort and excellent all round visibility with ease of control.

Two-door access for greater operator comfort.

Hydraulic servo joystick loader controls with armrest offering fatigue free loader operation.

Optional forward and reverse switch mounted on the joystick allows for easy and safe operation.

Combined brake and inching pedal allows further control. The «inching» control pedal progressively disengages the transmission, allowing extra low travel speed with maximum engine speed for increased loader usage especially in sweeping applications.

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