Autoelevador Teletruk JCB TLT 20 / TLT 25 / TLT 30

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Autoelevador Teletruk JCB TLT 20 / TLT 25 / TLT 30


Single-side lorry loading. Saves 50% yard-loading space. Channels forklift movements away from other vehicles and pedestrians. Allows complete new yard replanning.

Attachment versatility. The telescopic boom design allows attachments to be changed quickly in minutes rather than hours on ordinary masted forklifts.

Hazardous industrial environments. Improved safety and working environment for the operator because the telescopic arm keeps the operator further back from furnaces, corrosive chemicals, process vats, and moving production machinery.

May render other machines redundant. It is sometimes possible for one Teletruk and several attachments to do the work of several other single-function machines.

Will reach below yard level. Unique power down hydraulics allow reach below harbour quaysides and raised loading platforms.


Transport and distribution, freight forwarders. Forwards reach allows single-side lorry loading, allowing more efficient use of yards.

Ports and Shipping Terminal Operators. Optimum cargo dispersal between Ro-Ro shunters and containers to road haulage and rail heads.

Recycling yards, Waste Transfer Stations and MRFs. Improved site efficiency and quich-change attachment versatility.

Builder Merchants, Garden Centres. Versatile host for various specialist attachments such as a Bagezee trapdoor shovel.

Manufacturing Industry. Reduces traffic congestion in Despatch Bays. Completes plant maintenance tasks easier by reaching into inaccessible areas above safety guards.


Telescopic arm permits 111 degrees fork-carriage pivot rotation. Non-palletised loads such as raw timber logs are carried and set-down with measured precision.

The 111 degrees of carriage pivot rotation allows shovels to be fitted for rehandling duties.

Can reach cruise liner loading bays during tidal variations, bringing greater control to ship turnaround at the berth.

Rail Freight. Will reach easily over platform-to-wagon gaps, eliminating bridging ramps and on-board hand pallet trucks.

Access to doorways is limited only by cab height, not mast height. Eliminates the need for expensive three-stage masts for access to low doorways or containers.


With no mast, operator visibility of the load engagement cycle is improved dramatically.

Visibility inside a closed-top container improved, with no bulky retracted mast between the operator and the load.

Operator improved forwards visibility during site travel offers optimum forklift safety parameters.

New Slimline boom ensures maximum visibility of the fork tips when entering a pallet at ground level, boom fully retracted.

Aids operator confidence when working in hazardous working environments.


Auto load-levelling. Although the forks carriage pivot can be lever-controlled throughout its 111 degrees arc, if the load back-tilt is set and left it will maintain its angle through the lift/lower cycles.

Fully enclosed hydrostatic drive transmission. Eliminates problems associated with external drive shafts, braking systems and calipers.

On-board automatic load-moment indicator with both visual and audible alerts.

Operator enclosure fully meets legislation for FOPS ( Falling Object Protection ) and ROPS ( Roll-Over Protection )

Deisel and LPG engine options, and cab enclosure choices.

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